Family Photographic Services


Shining Happy People

David and Jules, oblivious

Weddings are fabulous. Such a celebration of everything good about being alive - people who love each other and their families coming together to celebrate their union.

Weddings are planned with military precision and are a rollercoaster day of anticipation, stress, things not quite according to plan but working round them anyway, absolute joy and aching faces from smiling more than you ever thought possible.

Child's Play starts working with you long before the day to ensure the album does justice to all the plans you've laid.

An introduction session gives us a feel for the characters, passions and tastes of the Bride & Groom, making sure that we don't take candid pictures when you wanted formal or get shouted at by the minister for sitting in his seat.

It also helps us and you pin down which package best suits your needs.

The next step on the journey is a "trial" photo shoot where we take pictures of you as we would any other adults. This gets you confident at being photographed and also allows us to learn what sort of images you like and dislike of yourselves. These sessions are informal and huge fun and strongly reflect the couple's personalites and affection. All the images from these sessions may be viewed by anyone by arrangement at our studio, subject to the consent of the people in the pictures, of course.

Shortly before the day, a final consultation with the Bride and Groom makes sure we understand the priorities for the day, whether they are "storyboarded" shots to narrate the day, less formal "reportage" style photographs or some combination of the two. This leaves us and you confident and clear on the day to ride the rollercoaster.

Some time after you return from honeymoon we will arrange a viewing at our studio of the wedding shots. Parents are often interested in a viewing and we are happy to arrange an additional visit to allow this; our experience suggests that the first viewing of the images is an intensely personal thing and so we suggest an initial viewing without accompaniment.

Child's Play uses the extraordinarily high quality Queensberry albums for its wedding services. There is no real limit to the number of pictures in the album; when selecting a package you will identify a nominal number of pictures but it is often true that more images are desired and these may be added at will thanks to the flexibility of the Queensberry product and services. Graphic design and layout is all handled by Child's Play, with you as art directors. The final design is implemented by Queensberry at their facilities in New Zealand, then shipped half way round the world for final proofing and assembly at the Child's Play studio.

Delivery, often about 12 weeks after the day, is undertaken personally and by hand to complete the careful preservation of your day for a lifetime's review.