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So much to see, so little time.

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The best events are packed. Packed with people you love, packed with things to do, packed with things to look at. All that effort comes and goes in the twinkling of an eye and it's only natural to want to capture some of it.

If you're not careful all other people see of you will be the front of a camera or a video lens. The sheer distraction of trying to concentrate on capturing things means you can miss out on the whole experience of being there.

Using an independent photographer (or more than one if it's a really fabulous bash) means that you're free to savour the evening and still confident of great memories later - ten days on or ten years on.

With professional photographic equipment and a ready introduction ("I'll be your paparazzo* for tonight"), guests quickly relax and enjoy the sybaritic feel of being in the limelight. We want you to enjoy the photographs long after the fizz is finished and so our photographers capture mirth, merriment and mood, leaving you with great memories as individual multi-image frames or a bespoke "coffee-table" album, packed with all the things you packed into your event.

* Paparazzi are the photographers who follow famous people and a single one would be a paparazzo, named after Signor Paparazzo in the film La Dolce Vita.